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At Cloud Thrifty Inc., we engineer tools and systems to maximizing efficenty in public cloud computing. Cloud Thrifty Scheduler has been designed to assist you in getting the most out of your cloud spend. It's kind of like a personal assistant that turns the light off after work, which means real dollars saved!

Example Project

Solves a real-world problem

Originally designed by our developers to get the most out of dev, test and QA spend, Cloud Thrifty Scheduler can be set up in minutes. There is no new software or console to learn. Cloud Thrifty is a cloud-native application built from the ground up with security and reliability in mind.

Cloud Thrifty Scheduler is:
Secure & Reliable: Built on "least privilege" security principals, Cloud Thrifty is a cloud-native based technology built on Google App Engine. From the largest to the smallest organization, we meet your requirements.
Simple & Convenient: The Cloud Thrifty Scheduler gives a global view of your public cloud resources and enables you to set on/off schedules asset by asset or in bulk. Within minutes you can objectively determine 52% savings or more.
Extend & Enable: Cloud Thrifty Scheduler enables you to schedule all of your projects, for maximum efficiency to extend your operating budget. Project managers can focus on projects while Cloud Thrifty manages server scheduling.