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Cloud Thrifty is a Cloud Native Application
The Platform:
Cloud Thrifty is a serverless, cloud native application built on Google App Engine. Google App Engine provides us with an extremely high scale, fully managed, application hosting platform.
The Languages:
Cloud Thrifty infrastructure is written entirely in Golang. No third party Golang libraries where used to create Cloud Thrifty. The website and web tools ("Scheduler" and "Calculator") are written in HTML using Bootstrap 4 and Jquery 3.3.1. Like with Golang, no third party libraries provide functionality to the application. We are currently on a weekly release cycle with new features coming every week.
The Security:
Security is top of mind at Cloud Thrifty. We understand how sensitivity and business criticalality of public cloud environments. Part of the reason for the choices above (Golang, limited UI frameworks, serverless platforms) is to eliminate service areas of attack. We also adopt the principle of least rights when accessing your environment. All of these come together to make a secure by default application platform to save you money on public cloud.