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Getting Support

Cloud Thrifty support is simple. Just email If the issue is urgent simple put [URGENT] at the beginning of the subject line and we will get back to you right away. No hassle of complicated support system, just quality from our experts.


How does billing work?

Billing is simple. After your 30 day trial, each server in a project which the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler takes action on is billed $3 per month. Servers can perform as many actions as needed per month, and the cost will not increase. You are only charged for servers in a GCP project using the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler.

For example:
Project "new-app-1" has 30 GCE instances. 5 of these servers are shutdown daily at 8 PM and started every morning at 6 AM. The total monthly Cloud Thrifty Scheduler bill is $15.

How does the calculator work?

When you click the calculator button, Cloud Thrifty will ask for access to read your Google Cloud GCE resource list using standard OAUTH2 authentication provided by Google. The access method has been reviewed and approved by Google. Cloud Thrifty then reads the GCE resources you have access to, calculates the running cost, and returns the savings if you use Cloud Thrifty scheduler. The cost estimates are calculated based on GCE retail pricing. You can see a demo of the cost calculator here.

What happens when I register a project?

When you choose to register a project with Cloud Thrifty, we use the least access security principle to accomplish the following steps. Cloud Thrifty never has access to your application data at any time.

  1. Create a service account on your behalf. This service account will be used to start and stop GCE instances and read instance labels.
  2. A custom IAM role is created and named "Cloud Thrifty." You can view this role in the Google Cloud Console under IAM.
  3. The role is granted the following IAM permissions:
    1. compute.instances.get
    2. compute.instances.list
    3. compute.instances.start
    4. compute.instances.stop
  4. The new service account is added to the role.
  5. The service account key is stored encrypted in Cloud Thrifty's GCP storage bucket and only decrypted while in use (approximately 1 second per action). The key is never recorded in a decrypted state on disk or in any log.
  6. Then you simply set labels to start saving money.

How do I manage the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler after I create labels?

The Cloud Thrifty Scheduler has been designed to have no additional management overhead. We intentionally did not create a management UI, so there is no need to learn and new system or console. All management of the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler is accomplished via GCE labels.

How can I remove or stop Cloud Thrifty Scheduler from my Google Cloud environment?

Globally stopping the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler from taking any action in your Google Cloud environment is simple. By disabling the Cloud Thrifty IAM role all actions by the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler will stop immediately. Deleting the cloud-thrifty@ service account will also halt Cloud Thrifty action immediately.

How do I automate adding the labels?

Head on over to the automation examples to see how to add labels to an entire project with a single gcloud command. You can also add Scheduler labels to instance templates.

Does the Cloud Thrifty Scheduler have access to my application data?

No, The Cloud Thrifty Scheduler only has access to the api layer of Google Cloud and never has permissions to your application data at any time.

Why don't I need to install software on my servers like with other solutions?

Cloud Thrifty Scheduler does not require additional software. The Scheduler is designed in this manner so you can start saving money on your cloud bill right away.