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Our Savings Calculator evaluates your resources to find ways to operate your cloud environments efficiently and mitigate cloud spending (aka cloud waste).

Calculate Monthly Savings

Getting Started is Simple

  1. Calculate Monthly Savings
    1. Launch “Savings Calculator”
    2. Connect to your public cloud using secure public cloud credentials.
    3. Follow prompts to calculate your monthly savings.
  2. Start a No-Cost Trial
    1. Confirm email and agree to Terms and Conditions.
    2. After one billing cycle, we will email your savings, and you can continue by adding billing information or discontinue use.
    3. Each server costs $3 per month. There is only a charge for a server if we change the state of a server (on to off or off to on) within the billing cycle. We only charge a Service Fee if you have cloud savings. Check our FAQs for more information.
  3. Schedule Savings
    1. Schedule your servers for savings. Its quick and easy.
  4. Set up Billing, and Enjoy Saving
    1. We will email you after one billing cycle (approximately 45 days from starting your Cloud Thrifty trial.)
    2. Cloud Thrifty will continue to run in the background, you can adjust your account/settings at any time.
    3. Discontinue Cloud Thrifty at any time without penalty. We will only charge you up to the termination date. (no prorated billing)