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The scripts below rely on the gcloud command-line tool for Google Cloud. To download and install the gcloud command-line tool follow the instructions here. If you need help please reach out to use here.

Configure a single server to stop weekdays at 6pm and start at 7am
    gcloud compute instances add-labels [[servername]] --labels=stop-wd-6_00pm-est=,start-wd-7_00am-est=
      --project [[projectID]]

Configure every server in a project to stop everyday at 6pm and start at 7am.
    for server in $(gcloud compute instances list --format="value(name)" --project $PROJECTID)
        gcloud compute instances add-labels $server \
          --labels=stop-wd-6_00pm-est=,start-wd-7_00am-est= --project $PROJECTID  

List all of the servers in your project and the labels.
      PROJECTID=[[your projectid]] \
      gcloud compute instances list --format="table(name, labels)" --project $PROJECTID

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